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Good quality
- Review posted on 01/03/2023 by Claudiu (date of purchase N/A).
Okay . Happy Christmas! Thenk you
- Review posted on 23/12/2022 by Greg62 (date of purchase N/A).
Good selection of tyres a quick delivery
- Review posted on 18/12/2022 by Antoes (date of purchase N/A).
Great service. Even delivered on a Saturday
- Review posted on 17/12/2022 by Niall Stephenson (date of purchase N/A).
Great stuff came fast enough. Happy to buy more
- Review posted on 15/12/2022 by Guest (date of purchase N/A).
Good tyers. I love speedy driving. excellent price and very good on the road!!!
- Review posted on 05/07/2022 by Ivars (date of purchase 01/07/2022).
Very good tyre, don't see any reason to buy branded and twice dearer tyres. Driving for 3 months already, no issues with car handling and tyre wearing either.Delivery was fast and smooth.
- Review posted on 22/06/2021 by evckaa (date of purchase 12/03/2021).