Moderation policy

The user can leave a comment or review on a product, a fitting partner, or our site. To do this, users must choose a username (their own name or a pseudonym). The user is informed that the pseudonym used may be subject to moderation and must under no circumstances infringe any third party intellectual property right or contravene the conditions set out below. Users are responsible for the comments left on the Site. They are required to comply with the legal and regulatory provisions in force, in particular those in place against abuses of freedom of expression.

GRIP500 SLU reserves the right not to publish, or to delete any comment that infringes upon the following conditions, and, in particular:

  • violent, defamatory, abusive, unlawful, or obscene statements;
  • statements that violate the privacy, and more generally, the individual rights of any person;
  • statements that violate human dignity;
  • disparaging, degrading, or harassing any other user, our employees or partners;
  • statements inciting violence or the commission of a crime;
  • statements infringing the protection of the personal data of a third party;
  • content infringing the intellectual property rights of third parties (in particular articles, works), for which they do not have the necessary authorisations from the authors and/or right holders.

Messages that do not comply with these rules may be deleted without notice.

As such, the author of the unpublished comment will be notified by e-mail as soon as possible of the reasons why the review has not been published.

Users can request explanations relating to moderation via the Site's contact addresses (by indicating your e-mail address, username, and URL of the article concerned), but no comments referring to the moderation are to be posted online.

In the event of regular non-compliance with these rules, GRIP500 SLU reserves the right to systematically refuse a user's comments, and to temporarily or permanently suspend access to the user comment service.

As moderation does not make it possible to detect, a priori, all unauthorised content, and, in particular, content that infringes upon the rights of third parties, the user guarantees GRIP500 SLU against any action or complaint following the posting of a comment, if it proves to be unauthorised.

GRIP500 SLU provides the user and its own moderation services with a system allowing them to highlight:

  • abuses and comments that may be considered not in accordance with these general conditions of use, or the law
  • doubts about the authenticity of a review.

GRIP500 SLU will be free to follow up on this alert if the alert is sufficiently substantiated. The Site will therefore be free to withdraw any comment that it considers not to comply with these general conditions of use, or the law, and this comes without formality or prior warning.

The user should avoid going off-topic, unfounded rumours, false information, jokes in bad taste, and dubious comparisons. To be understood by everyone, the user will write messages that are readable and understandable: no SMS language, comments in upper case or in a foreign language (except in exceptional cases). A comment will never be modified to meet the requirements of the policy, but will be immediately deleted. Comments responding to a deleted comment are also likely to be deleted.

Comments are listed in chronological order.

All comments are published and kept for a maximum period not exceeding the time required for GRIP500 SLU to market the concerned product online.

Comments published may not be modified by the user after their publication.

No compensation is provided by GRIP500 SLU to the user in exchange for a comment.

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