Is it a good idea to buy DOT tyres?

The DOT label is composed of four digits indicating your tyre's week and year of manufacture. The tyre in the illustration was manufactured in week 51 of 2017.

In some countries, a tyre's date of manufacture holds no importance when it is resold. For example, a salesperson in France, unlike a salesperson in Germany, is not obliged to tell you that the tyre is more than 36 months old.

At GRIP500, we comply with the strictest legislation and indicate the DOT when it is more than 36 months old. Most of the tyres sold on our site are less than one year old. But is it really important?

How long do tyres last?

A properly stored tyre can be kept for more than five years without any damage or loss of performance.

Tyres fitted to a car can last 10 years or more. As long as there are no cracks on the sides and you haven't reached the treadwear indicator, you can drive safely on your tyres.