Caravan tyres

GRIP500 offers you a wide range of caravan tyres at the best prices. All brands and sizes are in stock on our site. Free delivery when you buy two or more tyres.

How do I choose the right caravan tyres?

Caravan tyres have reinforced sidewalls to support heavy loads. We recommend that you refer to your caravan's manual and look at the recommended size, load and speed indices. Start your search on GRIP500 using these dimensions and tick the 'reinforced' box. You'll then get a list of all the tyres compatible with your caravan.

How can I keep my caravan tyres as long as possible?


It's essential to drive with the right pressure. These tyres can should be between 3 and 3.5 bars. If your caravan is very heavy, you can add 0.4 bars of pressure.


When your caravan is parked for a long time, you have three options for keeping your tyres in good condition:

  • Replace your tyres with special stabilisers.
  • Raise your caravan with a jack stand so that the tyres are no longer in contact with the ground.
  • If you can't raise it or use stabilisers instead of tyres, rotate your tyres a quarter turn every three months.

This is essential in order to prevent their carcasses from warping under the weight of your caravan, and thus to prevent the tyres from becoming unusable.

How long does a caravan tyre last?

We recommend that you change your caravan tyres every six years to guarantee the best level of safety and avoid punctures, blow-outs, reduced performance...