Reinforced tyres

Reinforced tyres have stronger sidewalls than conventional SL (Standard Load) tyres. They're designed to support heavy loads and more pressure. They're used on vehicles that are powerful or heavy, or both.

How can I identify an XL or reinforced tyre?

Depending on the manufacturer, reinforced tyres are identified by a specific marking located on the sidewall:

  • RFD, RF, REINF (for Reinforced)
    RFD, RF, REINF (for Reinforced)
  • XL (extra load)
    XL (extra load)

What are the pros and cons of reinfoced or XL tyres?


  • Better mileage.
  • Better impact resistance.
  • Better stability at high speeds and on corners.
  • Better traction and ability to transfer power to the ground.


  • Ever so slightly louder, around 1 dB
  • Less comfortable due to more rigid sidewalls.
  • Slight increase in fuel consumption as tyres are heavier.

Remember that the cons are more theoretical than they are noticeable on the road. But you can be sure of the performance-related advantages.