Run-flat tyres

For a tyre to be certified run-flat, it has to be capable of going 50 miles at 50 mph in the event of a pressure drop. GRIP500 stocks hundreds of run-flat tyres from a wide range of brands in various sizes and at the best prices. Free delivery when you buy two or more tyres.

These 'puncture-proof tyres' have different sidewall markings depending on the manufacturer:

Goodyear ROF EMT
Hankook HRS
Michelin ZP
bridgestone RFT EXT
Continental SSR
Kumho XRP
Toyo TRF
Nokian RSI

Are runflat tyres less comfortable?

Run flat tyres have reinforced sidewalls allowing them support the weight of the vehicle despite a loss of pressure. The tyre is therefore more rigid than a conventional one. In theory, they're less comfortable, but it's not really noticeable.

Are MOE tyres run-flat tyres?

No, they're not run-flat approved.

However, it is possible to drive on MOE tyres without pressure, but their sidewalls are less reinforced than those of run-flat tyres.

Why? This comes from a special request from Mercedes-Benz to equip their cars with tyres that can run flat without compromising on comfort.

Are run-flat tyres heavier?

They're slightly heavier than classic tyres because of the reinforced sidewalls.

Are run-flat tyres suitable for all cars?

No, only approved rims can be fitted with run-flat tyres. On the other hand, can regular tyres be fitted to run-flat rims?

Do cars consume more fuel when fitted with run-flat tyres?

Run-flat tyres are slightly heavier, which should lead to a slight increase in fuel consumption, but this remains theoretical, because in reality, it's difficult to see any differences.